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Latest Update – In response to the COVID-19 effect on the travel industry, many of our readers reached out and asked us if we think the Marketing Boost service is still relevant if no one seems to be traveling any time soon. The answer is fairly simple. Yes, it is relevant, perhaps more than ever. With so many businesses worldwide seeing their revenue hit, looking for creative ways to bring new leads and customers or just increasing the total purchase of their existing customers, Marketing Boost clients can now offer their own customers unprecedented travel gifts/incentives (hotel savings cards, dining restaurant discounts cards) that have 24 (!!) months validity after the activation date. Moreover, we keep seeing new businesses using Marketing Boost’s service in their online promotion and ad campaigns.

All businesses need to generate traffic, boost sales, get more appointments and increase referral business. To do this, business owners must offer valuable incentives to their prospective customer to take a particular action.

We as a people are trying to recover from the COVID-19 outbreak and together we will overcome.

Everyday more and more businesses are reopening and trying to get to a new normal as soon as possible. We are here to help.

Business Revenue Booster: Enabling People To Grow Their Companies Through Sales Incentives

The Marketing Boost Program...

is Ideal For...

• Business Owners

There are business owners in over 130 different industries now realizing significantly increased leads and sales as a result of having free vacation incentives to give to their customers. The consistent feedback from business owners in the Marketing Boost community is "it gives customers a clear and compelling reason to choose us".

• Sales Managers

Sales Managers all over the world are now using the Marketing Boost Free Vacations and also the Restaurant Vouchers as a powerful tool-set to provide their sales teams incentives to 'get their clients over the line'. Many Sales Managers in the Marketing Boost community are saying 'this is the biggest exponential change in sales conversions in recent times'

• Marketing Managers

Just like the Sales Managers - Thousands of Marketing Managers now use 'Free Vacations' as a powerful incentive to convert leads at scale; increase sales; and increase average order values and lifetime customer values.

• Marketers

Marketers are finding with increased competition online that free vacation and restaurant incentives gives them a way to 'stand out from the crowd' with a compelling offer that breaks through the clutter and gives prospects a clear reason to choose them. Marketing Boost becomes one of the most powerful tools in the modern marketers arsenal.

• Affiliate Marketers

We were surprised, but pleasantly surprised to find that a large percentage of the Advertising Boost community is professional online affiliate marketers. These marketers are testing and promoting multiple offers all the time and are now rapidly scaling their businesses by incentivizing customer purchases at scale with free vacation and restaurant vouchers.

• For anyone who wants to increase their traffic and sales for their business.

Marketing Boost Allows You To EXPLODE Your Profits

WITHOUT Increasing Your Ad Budget!

Marketing Boost Pandemic Marketing Strategy That Works!

We have over 100 destinations worldwide. Perhaps your client isn't ready to travel far just yet, suggest vacations to destinations that are in state or in your country you live in. Give your customers vacation stays in state or somewhere near them; what we call Local Stays, so all it takes to get there is a short road trip.

People still want to travel. They may not want to fly, ride a train or bus, but they want to be able to leave home to relax and chill.

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